UKI 'Diamante' Review

It was never a secret that my hair are super-frizzy, like it’s a completely different level of what we are used to call ‘frizzy‘, so when I moved to UK it was a great challenge for me to find a hair straightener that will do the job. After a couple of some quite cheap brands I sticked to a well-known brand, which is very expensive and is sold in many luxurious department stores across the country. When UKI representatives contacted me and sent me UKI Diamante for a review, I was sceptical about it, since I’ve used so many flat irons in my life and not a single one has promised me not just the straight hair, but also some healing effect. How is this even possible?

UKI Diamante is not just a flat iron, this is the hot infrared straightener which is ideal to permanently repair the damaged hair, as the infrared rays easily close the hair scales and enable the product to penetrate deep into the hair, sealing it inside. The technology of diamond dust helps to distribute the heat, leaving your hair shiny and healthy whether you curl or straighten.

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There is a lot of flat irons in the market at the moment, but to choose the right one it’s improtant to define your hair type and pick the irons with the features that will fit your exact type. In my case (curly and thick) I need to look for a model that offers me both high heat and hair protection. UKI Diamante became the perfect choice for me.

I’ve been testing this iron for more than a month, almost everyday. Considering this amount of time that I dedicated to this review, I can honestly tell – it works. I don’t remember the last time when I even touched my previous straighteners. One thing I know for sure – this thing is lighter, smaller, easier and in general it’s better, than any other irons I’ve used before.

I noticed dramatical difference in my hair condition since I started using it and I’m sure that after a couple of months the results will be even more impressive. My hair got stronger, fuller and I think the key for that is to use really good oil before using these flat irons. I’m using Beauty Protector Oil for more than a year now, but with the IR lights I’ve noticed that the oil is absorbed faster and as a result –  shinier and softer hair.

I always use them on a max temperature and IR lights on (turning the on is an optional function, but in my opinion, it’s always a nice extra), I never tried to use it on the lower temperatures, as I’m pretty sure that it won’t be suitable for my hair type. It heats in about a minute and a half and you can see current temperature on a little display. Green display means that the temperature is still low and it’s not dangerous at all, blue display means that it’s heating and the temperature is pretty serious, so please don’t touch and be careful, and the red one (as shown in the photo) means the highest temperature is reached and they are ready to be used. I took these irons to the couple of my recent trips and it’s absolutely a pleasure to carry them around.

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My overall mark is 10/10, as I absolutely don’t have any complaints about this product and I use it on a daily basis now.

You can order UKI products on their European website HERE