Won’t Forget You

Top: Ayesha Depala | Pants: Topshop | Bag: Cult Gaia | Hat: Asos | Ring: Misho

I understand that at this point some of my followers think that I probably moved to Marrakech, but the reality is we made so much great content, it will take probably another week for me to edit and post all of my looks from there.

Every time I start editing photos from Morocoo I can almost physically feel it’s burning sun, I hope my photos translate at least 1/10 of the vibes of that magical place.

This look I rocked twice during our trip, it was very comfortable, so I wore for one of our trips to Medina and to Majorelle Gardens. That beautiful Ayesha Depala top surely took it to the next level. This top is literally made of my dreams, it’s flowy, light and the material is amazing – it’s a must for the trips like that.

I could not stop myself from finishing the outfit with another beautiful creation by my friend Misho Designs. I fell in love with this ring during our photoshoot for the brand’s lookbook and was looking forward to feature it in my own looks. I love Misho’s jewelery, because even though they look so massive, you barely feel them, as they are super lightweight and comfy to wear.