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I clearly remember the day when I had my first helicopter ride around London. It was a part of a blogger event and it looked just like in the movies with one exception – the yellow smog around central London was so thick and visible, that it really shocked me. Only then I realised how serious is the pollution problem in my favorite city, and the recent heatwaves clearly don’t help the situation to get better. Living in the condition like these, when you have to commute and spend most of your days not in the parks, but running around congested streets, we need to pay an extra attention to the skincare that will help to eliminate that Central Line damage. 

Harmful free radicals cause damage to our skin cells and accelerate ageing, whilst airborne particles aggravate sensitive skin, clog pores and create a layer of grime which leaves complexions dull, irritated and fatigued. No one in their bright mind wants that, this is why I’ve decided to share some of my all time fav anti-pollution products that are perfect for the big city life.


Since I’ve been introduced to the 111 Skin and their new anti-blemish range, this Hydrolat Tonic became my absolute favorite. It helps to neutralise stressed and fatigued skin while minimising excess oils. A soothing, calming formula that also reduces inflammation and stimulates skin renewal, this gentle toner neutralises the skin and fights acne with the aid of salicylic acid and rosemary for a fresh, clear complexion.


Back in May, I posted a video to my Instagram, showing step-by-step skincare routine using Rodial Vit C range, since then, the cleanser from this collection, has a special place at my bathroom shelf. 

Why Vitamin C is so important in battling pollution?

The toxic free radicals (such as air pollution and cigarette smoke) weaken the structural bonds of collagen and elastin cells (the basic building blocks of your skin), causing deep tissue damage, sagging and even premature ageing of the skin. itamin C has the power to restore and strengthen these weakened collagen and elastic cells, preventing and even reversing the damage caused by free radicals and pollutants.

Tip: to enhance the properties of the cleaner, try to use it with Foreo Luna

LA MER 'Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream'

It is hard to find a beauty blogger who hasn’t sang a love song to the La Mer cream at least once in their lifetime. It’s hard not to, as this cream is perfect. It has very thick texture that you need to warm between your hands before applying to your face. But the moisture it gives you is something completely unbelievable, it will transform even the driest complexions. 

Pollution and free radicals make our skin look dull and lifeless, however, this cream is like an instant moisture shot to your skin. An absolute must-have 🙏🏻


Elizabeth Arden is one of the brands that clearly addressed the pollution issue and how city environment harms our skin and ages us. They have created the whole range that is called ‘City Smart’ which is formulated to help strengthen and protect the skin against environmental ageing. 

The Peel Off mask from the same range, does miracles on my skin, it effectively clears out the clogging dead cells, dirt and oil and minimise the pores. 



At this point, it’s quite clear what to use on your face to protect it from free radicals and damaging city environment. But what about your body?

This Eberlin Moisturising cream had been recommended to me by my laser epilation therapist and it became one of the findings of the year.

It is a deep moisturizing cream enriched with rosehip oil and aloe vera which promotes skin tissue regeneration. It has a calming effect on damaged skin and helps prevent ingrown hairs, especially after shaving or/and epilation.

It also has an SPF, which is a must for the daily body cream. 

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