Burgundy Obsession

Since I received my 0711 baby, I felt another wave of burgundy obsession. If you ask me what colour are the last four pieces I bought, they’d probably be burgundy. For me, this colour is simply a synonym for ‘romantic’ & ‘elegant’. I also…

Currently Loving

Three Elements

New Year has already brought a feeling of satisfaction and a strange harmony to me. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks self-reflecting and analysing on what makes me unhappy and keeps me from feeling 100% good. The things that I realised about myself…

Home decor goals

The Hero Blazer

Winter layers are my favourite, this is the most exciting time for me, when I get to play with the outerwear and knits and try to keep myself warm in style. This look has been built around my new bag crush: Copacabana bag by…

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