Black & White, reinvented

While high impact hues have been a major theme throughout the past months (hello, pastels!) they’re not a hard and fast requirement for the season. The Parisian runways from the recent fashion month are proving classic black and white to be an equally memorable alternative.

Coat: H&M | Shirt: Zara | Pants: H&M | Shoes: River Island | Earrings: Asos | Bag: Zara | Hat: Anna Karerra

A little bit of history..

Did you know that black and white have been associated with different concepts and feelings over time? During the early nineteenth century, brides would actually wear the former instead of the latter during their weddings. The darkest color was considered to be a color of purity, and it was not until the Victorian Era that white weddings went viral in Western culture.
Nowadays, wearing only black and white has become a simple formula to look fashionable without having to make too much of an effort. There are people who solely wear these two colors because they convey elegance through simplicity. However, some are afraid that if they wear monochrome on a regular basis, they will wind up looking exactly the same every single day of the year.

Tips and tricks on how to freshen up your black & white look…

Don’t be afraid of the prints. Like it’s shown in my today’s look, a simple dogtooth trench coat turned a simple, almost office-ready look, into a stylish elegant outfit.
The accessories, the more unique – the better. The hat and earrings really helped me to make the look trendy, both are very statement pieces that complicate the outfit and make it more interesting for an eye.