Burgundy Obsession

Since I received my 0711 baby, I felt another wave of burgundy obsession. If you ask me what colour are the last four pieces I bought, they’d probably be burgundy. For me, this colour is simply a synonym for ‘romantic’ & ‘elegant’.

I also feel that recently I’ve been inspired by office wear quite a lot. This is surely not a very popular source of inspiration, but I find the workwear and ways to play around it so challenging, but yet very exciting. Maybe, it’s because I never had a job where I actually had to wear workwear on a daily basis, or maybe cause I just finished watching ‘Suits’ and still can’t get over Meghan’s beautiful stilettos & pencil skirts, who knows 😇

Pants: River Island | Shoes: ZARA | Blazer: ZARA | Bag: 0711 | Shirt: Mango | Cap: Anna Karerra