#TheFurlaSociety Dinner

If someone would say to me five years ago that one day I’ll get to co-host an event with Furla, I’d think they are out of their minds, but life is an incredible rollercoaster where everything is possible. During my school days, I was dreaming about Furla Candy bag and always gravitated towards those bright coloured bags, who knew that one day I’d represent the brand? 

As an ambassador of Furla, I got this fantastic chance to introduce some of my friends to #TheFurlaSociety last week. I’ve invited the girls that I met through the blogging community, the girls that I adore and who inspire me every single day with their work. Being in a room with so many talented and beautiful women that evening felt incredible, and I’m thankful each one of them for making their time for the event and showing their support.

The event kicked off at the Furla Regent St. boutique, where the girls had a chance to browse the RE19 collection and pick their bag. I must say that the most popular choice was the new Furla style ‘Cometa’ in red. The second favourite was ‘Metropolis Cometa’, the style that I wore for the evening. Nevertheless, all of the girls were struggling to pick just one style, because all of them are so elegant and beautiful, that you just want to get one of each in all of the colours.

After the last bags were wrapped, we headed to our dinner location…

Wearing Furla 'Metropolis Cometa' in Giallo
Kim (@kimbouytang), Lolita (@lolitamas), Andrea (@fleurandrea)
Anisa (@anisasojka)
Kim (@kimbouytang) trying on 'Metropolis Cometa' in Rosa
Bianca (@biancaderhy), Sinead (@sineadcrowe), Iga (@igawysocka)
Furla 'Metropolis Cometa' in Grigio (second row left), Furla 'Fortuna' backpacks in Rosa and Onyx
Furla 'Pin Cometa' in Onyx (background) and Amaranto (foreground)
Furla Cometa in Ciliegia

Without any doubts, the perfect restaurant to celebrate the Italian fashion brand should be Italian too. Polpetto is a cool Soho Italian restaurant that’s all about the candlelight and intimate atmosphere. 

I loved the setting, which was super cosy and warm, not less I loved the food, because how can you not love gnocchi, tagliatelle and risotto? We spent the evening chatting, laughing and bonding. I honestly couldn’t feel my cheeks after the event because I smiled and laughed for the whole time, which was a great sign that everything went terrific.

While looking at these photos and writing this blog post, I feel like I relived that evening and my heart right now is filled with gratitude and love to everyone who came to support me and to the brand for helping me to organise the event that became one of the best evenings of my life. 

Thank you, Furla, for bringing us together to celebrate the new collection and, of course, #TheFurlaSociety.

Kate (@katetik), Emily (@thelipstickfever)

Furla aw18 collection