Red Vinyl Obsession

T-shirt: Missy Empire | Pants: Mango | Shoes: Topshop | Coat: Dorothy Perkins | Bag: Karl Lagerfeld

If there’s a thing I like the most, it’s the texture that vinyl imprints on any outfit. Vinyl pants are sexier, and have a more rock’n’roll attitude than leather pants, which is why I chose them as a must-have item for Winter.

When I saw these pants, I knew I had to have them! Mango made them in red & black, and of course, I just had to opt for the statement colour. However, with them particularly I faced the biggest sizing challenge of my life. I normally wear 8UK, so when I ordered this size and could even fit my knees into it, I knew something is wrong. After a couple of returns, I finally bought the biggest size offered for this exact style, which is (drumroll)… 12 UK. And they fit me perfectly. At the moment these exact pants are not available anywhere, and Mango decided to discontinue them and described them as ‘faulty’, from what I can tell, the only ‘faulty’ detail in them is the sizing.

I have linked another very similar pair from Asos, that is definitely true to size and are even more high-waisted than my pair.