Good morning lovely people :) After London Fashion Week craze I'm finally in Manchester for a while, but soon me and my boyfriend are going to Switzerland, and then I will be in Riga for a month or so. Today I'm showing you my LFW Day 4 outfit. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time on actual 4th day of LFW to take some photos of  this look, plus the weather was gross, so I decided to recreate it in Manchester, cause I like it too much. I bought these mom's jeans 2 years ago, and to be honest,  I wore them just a couple of times. Today, this is my favourite thing from the whole wardrobe, and I don't really know what has changed. That's an interesting thing, how you can fall in love with some things after they have been laying without being needed for a long time. I'm getting sentimental here, sorry. Anyway, I think now, when retro vibes are getting stronger, it's the best thing you can possibly invest into. This shaggy jacket is my love, I bought it on ASOS sale, and I just can't take it off since then. It's impossibly warm and cozy. They sell something similar in ZARA now, but I like Asos version more, because it's much warmer and it doesn't have holes in it, so when it's really windy (Manchester's reality) you won't be shaking from cold. And the last, but not least, the boots. I'm a huge fan of Toga western boots, but reality is, that I couldn't find my size available anywhere for almost half a year, I hate when it happens. So, I have decided to buy these beauties off Asos. Some people still ask me if they are real Toga, and get really surprised when I tell them no (just like this sales associate in Selfridges the other day). Besides having an amazing design, they are actually super comfy. That's all what I wanted to tell you about this outfit. I hope you like it, please share your opinion in the comments section below. Have a great and super productive week! x [caption id="attachment_1780" align="aligncenter" width="665"]Jacket: | Top: | Denim: | Shoes: | Bag: Jacket: ASOS | Top: ZARA | Denim: River Island (Similar HERE) | Shoes: ASOS (Similar HERE) | Bag: Mansur Gavriel (Similar HERE) | Belt: eBay (similar HERE)[/caption]