Fallen Stars


Blouse: Nobody’s Child* | Pants: Zara | Bag: Gucci | Watch: Thomas Sabo* | Bracelet: Tiffany & Co | Boots: Topshop* | Bra: Bluebella* | Hair: Tatiana Karelina | Photo: Anna Sandul

It’s hard to believe (at least for me), but my blog turns 2 years old today. I remember the start of my journey as if it was yesterday. I remember my first outfits (taken on a very bad camera), my excitement and thoughts like ‘I’m wondering where I would be in 2 years and how my blog would look like’. ¬†And here I am, 2 years later, living in London, reading all your supportive comments on my Instagram page, being surrounded by inspiring people from the industry, being happy and motivated to keep going.

I endlessly grateful to my love, my man, my partner in crime – he was the one who believed from the very beginning that I would be able to follow my dream, he helps with every small detail you see on my blog, he is the one who is always interested in the new ideas and make them come true.

I want to tell you each one of you that I cannot express how happy I am when I see visits on my blog every time I post something new, new people starting following my social media accounts, likes under my photos, comments, and private messages with the compliments about my style and blog. You are stars to me and without you, I wouldn’t be able to blog for 2 years and still have passion and will to grow.

In this ‘celebratory’ post I want to feature one of my most favorite OOTDs of all times. It’s very strange for me to admit it, but I do have a thing for a cosmic trend. My wardrobe is now flooded with metallics, star prints, and this obsession just keeps growing. Maybe it was ‘Interstellar’ that I finally watched recently, maybe Ray Bradbury’s short futuristic stories that I adore, but there is something that eventually inspired me to try on this crazy trend and fall in love with it. I couldn’t imagine a better combo, than Topshop cosmic booties and that Nobody’s Child sheer blouse – you can buy both of these pieces in Topshop on Oxford Circus if you do not fancy online shopping.

I’m truly grateful to Tatiana Karelina, who is the magician behind that stunning braid, because, without her masterpiece that outfit wouldn’t be finished, you can find her other works on her Instagram page here.