Iluminage Beauty: Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase

I’m up for testing out pretty much everything when it comes to skincare. I know there’s no such thing as a miracle treatment, but it can’t hurt to try right? (Well, sometimes it hurts, like when lasers or needles are involved.)

I absolutely love living in the 21st century, when technologies and science make our life so much easier. It’s not a secret that our skin and body recover during the night time, this is why the idea of Iluminage Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase* is so appealing – you can get smoother, younger skin whilst sleeping.

It’s not some kind of a magic, it’s efficiency has been scientifically proved and the main secret of this pillowcase is hiding in it’s material – Cupron (Copper Oxide and Polyester mix fabric). Scientists have spent over ten years developing a material that can actually enhance your skin.


When your skin is in contact with the copper oxide fibres (during sleep or rest on the pillow), copper ions are released into the moisture space between the fabric and the skin.

Copper ions released into this moisture help support skins natural self renewal mechanism, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Night after night your skin gets this beauty sleep that it needs and results could be seen in as little as 4 weeks. I’ve received this pillow case 1 month ago and started using it straight away, so that I could share my honest opinion with you today.

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Let’s start from the very beginning, I really didn’t hold out much hope for this product. I’ve already heard of moisturising products and many  skincare bestsellers containing copper to help firm skin and prevent wrinkles, but a skin rejuvenating pillowcase with copper oxide that maintains it’s effect even after washing. Really?

So I switched out my regular old boring cotton pillowcase for the Iluminage. Aesthetically, it’s really nice. It has a bit of a sheen to it, but not in a slippery satin sheet kind of way, and the beige color matched my bedding. You can wash it, too, but don’t use fabric softener.


The first thing that I noticed was an amazingly soft quality of this pillow, it’s a bless to lay your face on it and it  makes you fall asleep even quicker.  I would be honest when I tell that after a month of using this pillow and sleeping on it every single night I haven’t noticed any dramatical difference in my skin, yet. But I will give this pillow 7 out of 10 for it’s appearance and quality. I think this could be a great gift for your mother/auntie or grandma, I don’t think this is the kind of product you would normally buy for yourself because of the price (~£50), but it’s perfect as a gift for someone who is not afraid to experiment with some new skincare products.