Pre-Xmas Buzz

All I want for Christmas...

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but this year December feels like a guest that came over on a wrong day; You are quickly trying to tide everything up and organise things to make your space more ‘presentable’ and in your mind shuffling the options of how to entertain your guest. This is how my life looks right now. I woke up one morning and my Instagram feed was filled with ‘Christmas stocking ideas’ and endless gift guides and I was like ‘I’m absolutely not ready for this.’

December is always quite a depressing month for me, because I’m far from enjoying long queues in the shops, crowds at the streets and endless haze that sometimes changes into very typical London rain (I always think that it could be snow if the temperature was a bit lower – that thought always cheers me up). However, what I love about December – it’s how festive every corner of London is. Everything sparkles and lightens up and my casual daily errands in my new PROF heeled boots somehow became more cheerful. The boots, on another note, are super comfy, like all of the PROF heels are, these are my new favourites to wear for the days filled with meetings and the events. 

Do you personally enjoy December and all of the pre-Christmas buzz? 


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My Look

Boots: PROF

Jeans: &Other Stories

Earrings: Maria Black

Necklace: Chupi

Coat: Andersson Bell

Bag: Le Parmentier

Jumper: Zara