To August


I need to make a confession, which will certainly be one of the weirdest I’ve ever made. August is my least favourite month of the year, and I’ve only recently came to this realisation. 

When I was a teenager, I remember in August, I’d weirdly start missing school and I was trying to fast forward to the beginning of September as much as I could by starting reading new year’s text books and wearing all the new clothes that was bought for school. 

August has always been a month I’d skip, because everything about it confuses me. The weather changes so much, even if it’s still quite warm you can already feel the distinctive breathe of the Autumn. The pace of the workflow and life just gets so much slower, when June and July feel like 2 weeks, August for me always felt like 3 months. 

To make this August exciting, I visited Sorrento with my girlfriends and made some memories that we will remember for the lifetime. I’m also finally reading the book that my mom has been recommending to me since I turned 16 (now I understand that age restriction), I’m not a fan of it, but at least I finally got to do what I wanted to do for a while. 

In terms of work, August is one of the slowest months of the year, because everyone are on holiday or just waiting for the September to dive in the whole Fashion Week/Christmas madness. 

I’m however really excited about my very short work trip to Verona in the next couple of weeks, as well as our trip to Casablanca in September. 

Surprisingly, I’m still not tired of my Summer wardrobe and have so many things to show you! Also, some of the gems I only bought recently, but I already know that they will be my essentials for the next season. Like these PROF suede wedge sandals that are just so comfortable and stylish, that I already think how I can incorporate them to my transitional summer/autumn looks. They are so lightweight, that it makes them a perfect pair for the holidays (especially for those like me, who always pays extra for overweight baggage), and they also make your legs so much slimmer and longer, you really start to feel you are ready for the VS show défilé. 

I already can’t wait to see their new Fall/Winter collection! Check their website to stay updated. 

My Look

Jumpsuit: ZARA

T-shirt: ZARA

Sunglasses: Celine

Shoes: PROF

Bag: Cult Gaia

Necklace (choker): Astley Clarke

Earrings: Jon Richard