25 Random Facts About Me

Hello lovely people,

I hope you are doing super great and as happy as me because of the upcoming spring and opportunities to finally rock SS16 collections.

Today I didn’t really want to write any reviews or post any looks, I thought it would be a great chance to let you know me a bit better by posting 25 random facts about myself. For visual content I decided to use the images I made in collaboration with an amazing lingerie brand Bluebella, as they perfectly translate my current mood.

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Wearing: Zara Studio shirt| Bluebella Bra | Zara Pants

Wearing: Zara Studio shirt| Bluebella Bra* | Zara Pants

  1. I’m a bookworm and nerd. When the TV is on, I usually look for documentaries about galaxy, physics and famous scientists. At the age of 17 I was a huge fan of Nietzsche and Kant.
  2. I love Marvel more, than DC Comics, however the Nolan’s Batman is one of the best trilogy I’ve ever seen and all of the films are in my ‘Favourite movies’ list.
  3. Christopher Nolan and Daren Aranofsky are my favourite film directors.
  4. I absolutely hate onions, porridge, raisins and curry.
  5. ‘Buffy: The vampire slayer’ is my most-favourite show of all times, I watched all of the seasons for more than 10 times when I was learning English.
  6. I have more coats in my wardrobe, than I have tops or jeans altogether.
  7. I don’t like coffee and definitely don’t need it to wake myself up in the mornings.
  8. … but I’m a huge tea-fan and always drink loose-leaf teas with real fruits in it.
  9. I’m super allergic to cats, dogs, chocolate, prawns and salmon and others things that I sincerely love.
  10. I hate meat, you will never see me eating steaks or ribs. Nope.
  11. My superpower – I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue. That never came in handy, though.
  12. The city of my dreams is New York.
  13. ‘Pretty Woman’ was my favourite movie when I was 6. It looks like I just didn’t understand what it was all about…
  14. I hardly ever wear earrings. I just find them uncomfortable and I fiddle with them!
  15. I have a tradition of celebrating my Birthday in the different country every year.
  16. My favourite flowers are peonies.
  17. It really depresses me when people don’t know where Latvia is, or think it’s a part or Russia, or assume it’s Lithuania.
  18. My girl-crush number one is Jennifer Lawrence, number two – Emma Stone, number three – Alexa Chung.
  19. Watching “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” is my guilty pleasure.
  20. I love working out at home more, than in the gym. My favourite app for the workouts is Nike Training Club.
  21. I have just one tattoo. It’s on my feet and it says ‘Step by Step’ which means gradual and ever-lasting progress.
  22. I have a piece of chocolate every single day.
  23. I have a slightly visible birthmark on my left cheek and this is the reason why I usually pose with my right side.
  24. When I was a kid and had Sims installed on my computer, I downloaded so many additional furniture, clothes and skins that the game would never open again.
  25.  I only need 4-5 hours of sleep to feel myself completely recharged.
Wearing: Bluebella Bra | Zara Jacket | Thomas Sabo Watch

Wearing: Bluebella Bra* | Zara Jacket | Thomas Sabo Watch