Magic Of New Beginnings

Starting a new year on Monday is super symbolic. I do believe the magic of the new beginnings and I’m super excited to see what 2018 has for us. I gave myself a promise, that I will be trying as hard as I can to travel more and bring my content to another level by putting even more emphasis on a lifestyle aspect of my blog.

When I started blogging full time, I started to dislike the weekend and almost never take a time off. I think, this is quite typical when you love your job and want to spend 100% of your time on doing it. However, when it comes to the creative flow, this regime might be draining and it results in a lack of inspiration and increased pressure on yourself. I gave myself a promise to learn how to enjoy the days off in 2018.

Did you make any New Year’s resolution? What did you promise to yourself?

Coat: I Am Studio | Shoes: Minna Parikka | Bag: Furla | Top: H&M | Pants: Zara

  • There are all those cliches like exercise and keep organised, but I think one of mine this year is happiness, taking more time off and making more time for friendships and things that make me happy so my work time is more concentrated. Happy new year hon!
    xx Jenelle

  • 新年好呀,新年好呀,祝福博主新年好!