An Introduction To Lucia Magnani

I am a huge fan of discovering brand new luxury skincare brands and see how their innovations and technology make a difference in the skincare world. Lucia Magnani is one of these brands. Firstly, my eye was caught by the striking design, this is probably one of the most glamorous packagings on the market at the moment. These small jars covered with leopard lids will look amazing on your shelve, I don’t think I will ever be able to throw them away, as they themselves are the piece of art.

Lucia Magnani Skin Care had its world exclusive launch at London’s stylish Harvey Nichols store in Knightsbridge on Monday 20th March 2017. So it’s fair enough to say that the brand is still quite young, but I’m sure we will start hearing more and more about it with months passing by.

Lucia Magnani is not a newbie in the skincare world, she was a biochemical analyst and then a senior executive working at GVM Care & Research, one of Europe’s largest health care corporations. Her career has given Lucia extensive experience. Working with some of the most renowned researchers for over 20 years has allowed Lucia to become an expert in the science of well-being and skin care.

Lucia Magnani Skin Care combines science and nature with four antioxidant ingredients: Ubiquinone (CoQ10), Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic Acid, in conjunction with three earth elements: Crodarom Rock Crystal (Quartz), Gulf Stream Sea Water (Sea Salt) and Actipyte of Chardonnay GL (Vitis Vinifera Grapefruit Extract).

The Internet is already filled with the stories on how Lucia Magnani transformed women’s skin and I was more than just curious to test out these very promising products with an incredibly hefty price tag.

Lucia Magnani Daily Firming Hydrator – £195.00, 50ml

Starting out with Daily Firming Hydrator, this lightweight formula literally sinks into the skin and gives an immediate visible brightening effect which is aided by advanced light diffusers, containing Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic Acid said to “protect against Free Radicals and maintain a beautiful youthful skin while it improves the appearance of mature skin.” I’m only 23, so I don’t have any visible wrinkles just yet, but I can definitely see how this cream evens out my skin tone and whitens my birthmark on the cheek. Foundation sticks perfectly on top of it and I even skip the primer step now.


Retexturing Radiance Mask – £195.00, 50ml

I feel really lucky to be able to test out this Retexturing Radiance Mask since it’s only launching in Harvey Nichols on the 1st of October. I’ve tried it for 3 times already and I can tell that this is one of the best mud masks I’ve ever tried. The texture is very silky and smooth, almost like a cream, rather than ordinary mud mask, I keep it on the face for 10-15 minutes and I don’t feel the drying effect at all. It’s really easy to remove it as well, for this purpose I use my Konjac sponge to make the whole treatment even more exfoliating. You will see how your skin becomes super matte, yet not dry, and how all of the pores tighten and become almost invisible.  The mask contributes to regenerating, strengthening and preserving skin structure. It helps maintain a youthful, radiant appearance with its luxurious formulation, rich in natural minerals and ingredients.

Lucia recommends using rejuvenating night cream right after the mask and this combination really does miracles to your skin. I can already tell that there are definitely fewer blemishes on my skin and it glows every morning.

Even though, the jar is quite small (only 50ml), you don’t need a lot of product to cover your whole face and neck, so I bet this jar will serve you for 3-4 months if you use the mask 2 times a week. However it’s recommended to use this mask 2-4 times a week, so it all depends on how often you will need it and how sensitive is your skin. However, this is surely not as abrasive as many others mud masks I tried before.


Rejuvenating Night Cream £225.00, 50ml

For a truly luxurious night cream, look no further than Lucia Magnani’s Rejuvenating Night Cream. This product has been formulated with antioxidants such as coenzyme Q10, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Alpha-Lipoic Acid, with the unique combination working to renew facial skin and aid the natural microcirculation process. Apply on freshly cleansed skin, carefully dabbing on dry areas and across the T-zone.  Its unique formula acts while you sleep helping to eliminate imperfections.

With an elegant gorgeous tortoiseshell-look container, these products will no doubt take pride of place in your bathroom cabinet.

Have you ever tried Lucia Magnani products? What skincare brands you are loyal to?